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Welcome To Universal Programmer

Kanda are suppliers of Universal Programmers and other such devices throughout the United Kingdom and even to the rest of the world. Our products include a wide range of Universal Programmers, Coverters, High Speed USB's and much much more, please use the contact page if you require more information. Kanda is a business with strong values and ethics, our customers satisfaction is top of our priority when we conduct business.

The Universal Programmers industry is very competitive and so you need a company who can and will offer a reliable service at an affordable price. Our products come in all sorts shapes and sizes, depending on what the job they are required to carry out is, so we are confident you will find something that meets your requirements. Our customer service is what drives customers to become repeat customers of Kanda.

Why not visit our news page where you will find many articles relating to products that we sell and also pay a visit to our support section where you will find plenty of help including information and actual pieces of software. Our staff are trained to advise you so if you're still unsure about anything to do with the Universal Programmers you need, so give us a call on 01974 261273 or by email at sales@kanda.com making sure to mention Universal Programmers in the subjects heading.